7 Good Reasons why Garden Offices are the Future of Home-working

It has been estimated that 1 in 6 people in the UK are running some form of online business from home! Many traditionally office-based activities can be run from home with the Internet making virtual meanings and general online communication as easy as a click on aSkype button. Theres also evidence that a good way to raise productivity is to let more employees work from home.

Working from home is not so much a thing of the future but a current reality for most commercial businesses.Investing in a good garden office is becoming a bit of a no-brainer for many home workers, but if you need any further convincing here are several good reasons to take the plunge:

Work life Balance

The saving in time and money is the most obvious benefit of not having a daily commute, but having agarden office also means that you are far enough away from home and family distractions.

Low Cost

Relative to converting a loft or building a house extension, a good home garden office will not bevery expensive. There are also low running costs as you can share the electric, wifi/Internet and sometimes heating from your house. You might in fact save money by not having to heat as many rooms as if you were using you home for an office
If you are self-employed you can get some tax allowance for fixtures and fittings. If VAT registered you can claim back the VAT on some of costs and fittings. A garden office will quickly pay for itself if you are no longer having the expense of a rented office somewhere else.

Quick Construction

Compared to a loft conversion which requires building regs and are becoming increasingly costly due to things like fire doors, double glazing, wiring etc or planning permission for a house extension, a garden office can be a very quick and painless solution.


Many commercial offices are often sick offices in that a combination of poor cleanliness, dirty air filtering and air conditioners and poor combinations of building materials like plaster, brick and concrete will make for a poor working environment. There can also be high concentrations of electrical equipment and magnetic fields that are not very healthy in the long term. How much better to have a timber building set in your garden closer to nature?

Quiet and Stress-free

Assuming your home office has some sound insulation you will have a very quiet working environment. No noisy co-workers chatting and laughing, people on phones, noisy photo-copiers etc
You could even have your pet dog or cat with you in most cases they are better than work colleagues and they will always agree with you!

Multi -purpose Space

When not using your garden office for employment, you also have a hobby room, or a leisure space, man (or woman) cave, a summer garden retreat or simply a room for a bit of extra storage.

Added value to your Property

Garden and home offices are what property developers describe as bonus rooms. You have a three bedroom house for sale but when people view the property they see you have effectively an extra room in the garden what they thought might just have been a shed is a great addition to the property. There is certainly evidence from estate agents that bonus rooms help sell properties!

This entry was posted in Garden Offices on 22nd September 2015.