Six Tips for Autumn Log Cabin Maintenance

As temperatures drop in autumn it is well worth doing maintenance tasks that will help extend the life of your unique log cabin.

Heating System

If you have heating systems like a solar water heater or a electric heater controlled by a thermostat then check the settings to ensure they are working correctly. Also clean any filters plus the heating unit itself of dust and ensure there is nothing directly in front of them that will block airflow etc

Walls and roof

Check for any signs of wear and tear. Replace any damaged tiles and seal cracks or holes that may have appeared

Doors and windows

Cracks in or near doors and windows can widen when the temperature begins to drop so maintenance now with a flexible wood sealant will prevent problems over the winter-time.


Clear guttering of any leaves and other blockages so that the water will drain away smoothly. It may be worth using gutter guards if you are not able to check this regularly

Painting and wood treatment

Appropriate painting and wood treatment with the cabin manufacturers recommended products before the weather becomes too cold or damp will extend the life of your unique log cabin.

Nearby plants

Tree saplings and ivy growing near the cabin can do damage if they are left uncontrolled. Ivy can grow into the roof or find its way into any holes in the wall and tree saplings as they grow older and stronger can effect foundations. It is a much easier task to root these out when they first appear rather than when the plants get older and more invasive.

This entry was posted in Maintenance on 8th October 2015.