Frequent Questions

Is Delivery free?
Yes delivery is free if you live in areas defined on our map on the Delivery Information page here. For the excluded post codes you will need to contact us for prices and availability

Will I need to be present when the delivery arrives?
Yes, there must be someone to accept the delivery at the agreed time and it must be signed for. There also needs to be a person available who is capable of lifting items of up to 25 kg (the heaviest items are unlikely to be over 50kg which will be split between two people). For for delivery details, click here

Does the delivery driver help install the cabins?
No, the driver is not responsible for the installation - if you have paid for professional installation then the installation team will contact you separately and in advance of delivery.

Will my log cabin need planning permission?
In most cases our log cabins & garden offices will not require planning permission but we would advise that you first check our Q&A guide here.

Will I need to make a base before the cabin arrives?
Yes, a log cabin requires a base which is level and able to take the weight of it over a prolonged period of time. Unless you are doing a DIY build, this should be completed before the cabin arrives.
For more information on log cabin bases, click here.

Do you have information on how to heat a log cabin?
Yes, there are several suggestions on how to heat a log cabin – see ourwinter heating blog article here.

Will I have to do much long term maintenance of my log cabin?
As it is a wooden building you will need to do some tasks to extend the life of the cabin. There is a short list of recommended annual maintenance tasks here.

Do you have a detailed terms and condition sheet?
Yes, we have a summary page on the website with a printable version here